Sopogy introduces Soponova 4 MicroCSP solar concentrator

Hawaii-based Sopogy, a specialist in MicroCSP solar technologies, has introduced the new SopoNova 4, combining features of its MicroCSP Parabolic Trough technology that includes modularity, customised tracking, efficient shipping, storm protection, and automatic operation.

SopoNova 4 is currently available in the US and through select distributors internationally.

The latest launch marks company's 40th version of technology improvement.

"In SopoNova 4, we've incorporated form and function with a visually appealing yet robust and cost effective concentrating solar collector," said Darren T. Kimura, President & CEO of Sopogy.

In a release, the company stated that SopoNova 4 features the unique ability to bring the efficiencies and cost of large parabolic trough technologies into a small and lightweight package enabling installation in ground or on rooftops. The heat generated by the concentrator can be used to power turbines to create electricity or used directly for industrial process heating and solar cooling. The technology captures cost efficiencies by operating in lower temperatures that enable general contractor installation, low cost
thermal energy storage and is facility safe.

According to Sopogy, 4.0 is a revolutionary new design using off the shelf rails and pre-fabricated arms.

"This allowed us to go away from light fixture manufacturing and into a new, longer collector. A longer collector translated into lower project costs. This manufacturing shift also allowed us to use new materials that improve efficiency," added the company.