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  • Targeted distributed energy storage to lower costs as utilities tackle intermittency

    Global revenues from installed energy storage systems are expected to grow from $605.8 million in 2015 to $21.5 billion in 2024, according to Navigant Research, as costs fall and deployment spreads across the commercial and residential sectors.

  • Jordan PV tariffs drop 50% in second tender round

    Jordan’s Round 2 (2013-2015) tender of solar PPAs saw record low feed-in tariffs (FITS), with the four lowest bids at prices 50% below those in the first tender, according to bid results sent from the government to participants on May 13.

  • PV hits grid parity in Jordan, UAE as MENA capacity surges

    PV prices have finally reached grid parity in Jordan and the UAE, and are approaching that level in Egypt and Morocco, experts revealed at MENASOL 2015.

  • Centralized, smart O&M to boost PV operator profit: First Solar

    Future PV Plant monitoring developments will focus on centralized monitoring and smarter systems using geo-tagging, robotics and drones, Stefan Degener, Managing Director and Head of Business Development Europe at First Solar, said.

  • Winners of the MENASOL 2015 Awards

    CSP Today and PV Insider are proud to announce the winners of the MENASOL 2015 Awards. The ceremony took place on Wednesday, 13th May, as part of the 7th Middle East & North Africa Solar Conference and Expo, MENASOL 2015.

  • Chile’s solar boom poses new integration challenges for developers

    Chile looks set to become a leading Latin American country in solar energy, with 2015 turning into a record year as construction capacity doubles, reaching more than 2.5 GWs.

  • European O&M comes of age

    As Europe’s solar capacity growth stabilises, PV companies are shifting their focus from building new plants to operating and maintaining existing assets.

  • Choppy US weather tests solar irradiation data

    The US East Coast saw up to 5% less sunlight than average in 2014, while the West Coast enjoyed up to 10% more sun, according to a study published by Vaisala in April that highlights the volatile supply conditions faced by PV plant developers and operators.

  • Share of thin film module production to remain at 7% through 2019

    CIGS-based utility-scale and rooftop projects in both established and emerging markets will help keep the thin film market share steady through 2019, despite an anticipated dip in 2015.

  • 2014 - record year for PV installations in the US, with a 30% volume increase

    Even as the non-residential PV sector was down 6%, 2014 was the largest year ever for solar PV installations in the US, riding on the back of a drop-off in system installed costs, downstream innovation and stable policy, according to a new report by GTM Research.

  • Developers in Jordan and Egypt test the best strategies to bid for project land

    As Jordan selects the winning consortia for the upcoming batch of PV power plants and Egypt just announced the qualified consortia eligible for a quota of the FiT program, developers in the two countries are testing the best strategies to bid for land for their projects.

  • Nominations for MENASOL Awards 2015 are now open

    The Award Winning Middle East & North Africa Solar Conference & Expo is organizing for the first time the MENASOL Awards 2015 to celebrate CSP and PV companies in their effort to develop solar power in the region.

  • Fumihiko Arima: why Solar Frontier has never changed its O&M strategy

    Fumihiko Arima, manager of the planning group at Solar Frontier KK’s engineering division, talks company know-how gained in Japan along with the O&M lessons taken on board as a manufacturer involved in plant management across the globe.

  • Europe’s fragmented O&M market calls for holistic approach to managing PV plants

    Proactive O&M technology can enhance the confidence of investors and insurance companies, and pave way for sustainable ROI by saving unnecessary costs of maintenance, by assuring increased plant availability, and performance ratio.

  • Cornelius Matthes at Building Energy on the big MENA opportunity

    Cornelius Matthes, Managing Director, Middle East North Africa at Building Energy believes the firm can improve a consortium’s chances of getting funding. Ever since opening its regional office in Dubai, Italian renewable energy developers Building Energy S.p.A have been expanding their footprint across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).


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