Operations & Maintenance

  • End of warranty handover: how to ease impacts on profitability

    End-of-warranty handover strategy planning calls for a close scrutiny since it can improve the profitability of any wind farm project. Wind Energy Update’s Ritesh Gupta takes a detailed look.

  • Dong Energy fleet hits record capacity

    Danish utility Dong Energy has reported that its offshore wind farms have set a new capacity record in January – and then again in February.

  • Alan Chivers of PMSS on O&M evolution

    Wind Energy Update caught up with Alan Chivers, chairman of renewable energy consultancy, TÜV SÜD PMSS, at the European Wind Energy Association 2014 conference in Barcelona. Chivers offers his views on current and future operations and maintenance (O...

  • Svenska kraftnät signs contract with ABB

    ABB has signed a contract worth $45m with Svenska kraftnät, the Swedish national grid operator.

  • Salmond: transmission charging delays to cost £90m

    Scotland’s first minister Alex Salmond has highlighted that delays to grid charging reforms will cost Scottish electricity generators £90m.

  • Thibault Desclee de Maredsous of Alstom: Brazil now seeing importance of O&M

    Alstom’s experience in Brazil is instructive for any original equipment manufacturer (OEM) looking to break into an emerging market. Product management director, Thibault Desclee de Maredsous, talks of operations and maintenance (O&M) and more.

  • Ingeteam’s Luis Moreno on OEM and ISP maintenance models

    The Spanish engineering firm Ingeteam is an independent supplier of power converters, generators, turbine controllers, control monitoring systems, and supervisory control and data acquisition management systems.

  • DOE selects Romax for drivetrain design

    The U.S. Department of Energy has chosen Romax Technology as the lead mechanical engineer in a consortium that will develop an innovative wind turbine drivetrain design.

  • GE trials DC in remote power networks

    GE Power Conversion has accomplished a milestone in its effort to lower the cost of power delivered from offshore installations and increasing the electrical output delivered from renewable energy sources in distant places.

  • Wind power on the rise in America

    AWEA, the national trade association of the United States wind energy industry, has shared that wind power topped 4% of the U.S. power grid for the first time last year.

  • Study looks to cut offshore infrastructure risks

    Xodus Group, Cathie Associates and UTEC Geomarine have set up a consortium in the United Kingdom to prepare a study that will focus on how to curtail the costs of generating electricity from offshore wind farms.

  • North American Wind Farm Operators Talk Business

    Over 52 wind farm operators will gather in Dallas to discuss and debate ways to enhance wind turbine performance, extend their asset’s lifetime and minimize their risk on O&M expenditure

  • O&M offshore plays larger role as climate change takes a toll

    Offshore wind farms can withstand some of the worst weather conditions on the planet. In addition to O&M taking a larger role during harsh offshore weather conditions, a new study states that large offshore arrays could be the answer to curbing...

  • Does your O&M supply contract really meet your long-term requirements?

    Frequently, an O&M contract is judged by its bottom line costs, however this is not the only factor that a contract should be gauged against. We look at the different strategies and approaches so that you can assess which is the best fit for your...

  • Major Investors Join Over 180 Wind Energy Stakeholders at Dallas 2014

    As major investors like Goldman Sachs invest sums of up to $40billion in renewables, it is critical that an effective asset management and data analysis strategy is implemented to ensure ROI.


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