Acciona announce two new solar thermal plants in Córdoba for 2010

ACCIONA Energy will build two thermal solar power plants (50 MW capacity each) in Palma del Río (Córdoba, southern Spain). The facilities represent an investment close to 500 million euros and their entry into service is planned for 2010. The plants will produce 244 million kilowatt-hours per annum, equivalent to the electricity consumption of 75,000 homes. ]

ACCIONA is the first Spanish company with a commercially operational plant using parabolic trough technology -Nevada Solar One, in the USA-, the same technology that is used in the two projected Spanish plants. The company currently has over 2,000 MW under development in the USA and another 200 MW in Spain, in four plants.

The Palma del Río thermal solar project was presented today in an informative meeting attended by the Director of Thermal Electric Business of ACCIONA Energy, José Monzonís, and the mayor of Palma del Río, José Antonio Ruiz Almenara. The plants will cover 260 hectares on a site 4 miles from the town -a surface area equivalent to 364 soccer fields.